Web scraping and automation success stories

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Helping the planet with data

Helping the planet with data

Omdena is a platform where the global AI community collaborates to find innovative and ethical solutions to real-world issues. Omdena used Apify's readymade Google Search Results Scraper to scrape and download thousands of policy documents that could then be used to identify ways to promote forest and landscape restoration in Latin America.


Fighting child traffickers with technology

Thorn is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending children against sexual abuse. By pinpointing the critical data needed to identify child exploitation and automating the data collection process, the team at Thorn has been able to identify and rescue thousands of children from sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.


The lost dog app

Shadow is a community-led organization whose mission is to reunite lost dogs with their humans. Using serverless apps hosted on the Apify platform, Shadow crawls hundreds of thousands of listings at regular intervals across the entire United States.


Automated competitive intelligence

Human Coders are a group of passionate information technology professionals who offer a variety of IT trainings, mostly geared towards developers. Human Coders set up a series of serverless apps to run weekly on the Apify Platform. These apps extract available data about all related courses offered in France. They target both their competitor's as well as their own websites on a weekly basis.


Keyword Research and Content Ideation Tool

Topic is an AI-powered platform that enables content teams to write better SEO content and drive more organic search traffic by analyzing top-performing content and delivering a content brief that shows how to write your next article, blog post, or guide. The platform analyzes the existing top results in Google to surface valuable insights.


Illegal content detector

Detecio is software that continuously monitors the web and helps content publishers reduce losses by automatically removing unauthorized copies. Detecio protects thousands of books and other audiovisual content in Czechia by monitoring the Internet for any unlicensed work.


Retailer price monitoring

Apify worked with a leading manufacturer to implement a solution that allows the manufacturer to continuously monitor the prices of their products on the e-commerce websites that sell them to ensure they are never priced lower than the agreed minimum.


Terror or Clickbait?

Students at the Czechitas Digital Academy created an interactive dashboard demonstrating how the Czech media covers terrorism.


Scraping job offers for moms

Apify actors scrape part-time employment positions for an agency dedicated to helping mothers return to work.


E-shop price checker extension

After another revealing analysis of Black Friday discounts in 2018, Apify worked together with other partners to create a browser extension to enable users to check historical prices on the three largest Czech e-commerce websites.


Black Friday Analysis

Apify conducted an extensive month-long daily scraping of prices to determine the average and real Black Friday discount at three of the largest Czech e-stores.


SEO Audit Tool

Finding on-page SEO issues can be tricky. Imagine doing it on many sites with hundreds of pages... That's why Apify helped develop one crawler to audit them all.

Real estate

Real Estate Aggregator

Using Apify, a real estate aggregator scrapes listings from the 23 largest websites offering properties for sale and rent.


Apify based chatbot

One of our users developed a Telegram-based chatbot that helps scooter chargers be more efficient, by sending them push notifications according to their live location.