Apify Proxy

Improve performance of your web crawling bots by smartly rotating datacenter and residential IP addresses

Apify Proxy

Apify Proxy is a multi-purpose HTTP proxy service that improves data throughput and efficiency of your web scraping and automation bots, and enables access to websites from various geographies.

The service provides access to Apify's pool of datacenter and residential IP addresses, monitors the health of the IP pool, and smartly rotates addresses to ensure stable and reliable throughput.


Combines datacenter and residential IPs

Apify Proxy provides access to both residential and datacenter IP addresses. Datacenter IPs are fast and cheap, but might be blocked by target websites. Residential IPs are more expensive and harder to block.

Find the right balance between performance and cost for your web crawling bots.

Datacenter and residential IPs

Intelligent proxy rotation

Apify Proxy uses machine learning to rotate and select optimal IP address for the specific target website. Dead or burned IPs are automatically removed from the pool to reduce errors.

Ensure stable long-term performance for your web crawling bots with little blocking.

Proxy rotation

Google SERPs

Apify Proxy lets you download and extract data from Google Search engine result pages (SERPs), including Google Shopping. Select country and language to get localized results.

Start with a low upfront commitment, and then pay as you go as you scale. Try Google Search scraper actor to quickly get started.

Google Search scraping


HTTPS support

HTTPS support

Securely access websites protected with SSL/TLS encryption without installing self-signed certificates.

Health monitoring

Health monitoring

Apify Proxy periodically checks that all the IP addresses are working on selected target websites to reduce error rates.

Single endpoint

Single endpoint

Access Apify Proxy on a single hostname, which makes it easy to use from any HTTP proxy-enabled application.

Traffic statistics

Traffic statistics

Easily track which domains and websites were accessed by the proxy and how much data was downloaded.

Custom geolocation

Custom geolocation

Select arbitrary country for residential IP addresses, in order to obtain country-specific versions of target websites.

Fixed IP-address sessions

Fixed IP sessions

Retain the same IP address for long periods of time, for example to perform operations on a website after login.

Apify Proxy pricing

Datacenter IP addresses that are shared with other users. They represent the most cost-effective option for many target websites, although there is a chance the IPs might be blocked due to activity of other users. Note that there is an additional charge for data transfer.

Shared datacenter IPs are included in paid plans by default. You can increase this number by upgrading your account.

Select expected monthly data transfer

Up to 100 IPsUp to 500 IPsUp to 1,000 IPsAbove 1,000 IPs

Monthly price


per IP

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Ready to start using Apify Proxy?
Ready to start using Apify Proxy?